Up At Last

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Designed with Fun & Care in
Michigan and Arizona, USA

We love the Upper Peninsula, but lets face it the winters are brutal.


She’s the brains behind the operation, I just help her bring it to life. 

What started out as a way to organize all of Rachael’s “stuff” has turned into a way to share her invaluable experience, including the occasional trial (and error!)

Now along with her amazing resources and teaching tools on Literacy Stations, we are offering more of our creations, without the limits of the classroom.  


The path we take changes every once and awhile, but the goals remain the same. The best way to get there is keeping it simple and making it easy.

We are driven by a passion for supporting educators and helping them create successful literacy programs in their classrooms. And… having some fun along the way!  This is an offshoot of that… another adventure – join us!